Well here we are, a couple of days from Christmas!

Whether you celebrate or not, I hope you are able to switch off for a few days and take some time for yourself.

Often at this time of year, with so many bank holidays so close to each other, is the only time people are able to take a real break from work.

It doesn’t have to be about seeing family and giving presents if that’s not your thing; the next week or so is just a great time to switch off and take some time for yourself, away from the hustle and bustle of the world.

The last couple of years have been challenging for many of us, and often we don’t even realise how much of a toll that has been until we stop.

But stop & rest we must; as we can’t keep going indefinitely.

Sometimes the best action you can take for both your physical and mental wellbeing is no action.

Taking care of yourself over the festive period might look like having a big meal with family and opening lots of presents.

It might look like taking advantage of the time off work to sleep more, to read more, to go for more walks, to just chill out a little.

Take a break, relax and enjoy some peace & quiet

However you are spending the next week or so, I wish you a calm and restorative festive season.

I hope you get to see all the people you want to see, and none of the people you’d rather avoid.

I hope you get the break you want, whatever that looks like.

Merry Christmas!