Positive Thinking

This week’s dose of mental sunshine is all about thinking positively.

Thinking positively is not about denying how you feel.

If you think you’re having a rubbish day, then that’s the way you will feel.

If you think you’re having a good day, then that’s the way you will feel.

And you will probably find evidence to support whichever you feel.

If you are consciously thinking negatively, stop and ask yourself why?

What’s really causing me to think this way?

Is there another way of looking at this?

What positives are there?

There’s a lot to be said for trying to find something positive about your situation.

I believe there is something positive in most situations.

It can sometimes take a bit of effort to find it – but when we do that, when we make that effort on a regular basis, we get used to doing it.

It does take practice. Lots and lots of daily practice to get you away from old thinking habits

Thinking positively then becomes your new habit – with all the added benefits of a clearer mind to think and look at things differently.

And when a person gets into that habit of searching for a positive in any given situation, studies have shown they are generally happier too.

I deal with positivity by avoiding negativity wherever I can.

For example, I try to avoid negative people – we all know someone like this that always moans and groans about something.

I also avoid watching the news and reading newspapers. If it’s important enough for me to know I’ll find out.

Some social media channels are also another potential area for avoidance.

I always look for the positive in every situation – Yes I know there are some situations where it’s difficult to find the positive.

But even by trying you are avoiding dwelling on the negative

Choosing what words you use is good practice too

When asked “how I am” I always say ‘Life is all good thank you” (positive) instead of “not bad” (negative)

And instead of “No problem” (negative) I say “Yes of course” (positive)

Choose the state you desire to feel…

You can train your brain to search out the positive things, rather than the negatives.

When you’re noticing these positive things, it can help you to feel happier.

And who wouldn’t want that?

So then, I challenge you: write down all the positive things about your week so far. I’d love to hear your insights!

And remember

You control the state you wish to feel.

All states (moods) exist and, like a radio, you can tune in to the frequency/mood you desire to feel.