New Year, New Start?

After many years of being a photographer for the RAF and freelancing for the likes of The Times, it was in 2010 that The Headshot Guy was created. It has been a very busy and exciting four years developing the business and the brand. We are now at a point where we can expand The Headshot Guy business and take it nationwide. The Headshot Guy, Franchise Opportunities, New Year, New Start?

The most important element to me when looking to expand was ensuring that the quality of the images and the level of service and relationships were maintained. After much internal debate it was decided that franchising would be the best way to move the business forward. We would seek out individuals that had the potential to carry the brand forward, train them and then provide them with continuous support in order to help them fulfil their potential and make the most of this opportunity.

There are three main streams of revenue within the business model and these are: events and conferences, corporates and SME’s and individual executives. As part of the intensive training, franchisees will be taught how to tap into these markets, grow their businesses and take great headshots!. There are endless amounts of conferences, exhibitions and events throughout the UK every year; we just have to make them aware of our presence and the benefits we can provide at said events. The same applies for the other two streams; there are unlimited amounts of opportunity for the business model throughout the UK, making this a highly profitable opportunity.

Our support does not end after training; there will be a team working on the franchisees behalf to seek out new clients and contracts to ensure that there is plenty of work. We have found that once a relationship has been formed there tends to be more and more repeat business and referrals which guarantees more work, so it is in everyone’s best interest to establish strong relationships.

Does this sound like an opportunity that you could be interested in? We are looking for big characters that thrive on interacting with others. Sales and marketing acumen is a must although you will learn some of these skills through our training programme. If you are interested in finding out more about our franchising opportunities then please get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you. It’s a New Year so seek out new opportunities.