Make Your Bed

Today’s Mental Sunshine is something really basic –

And you might wonder what it has to do with feeling good, but bear with me.

It’s a super simple tip:

Make your bed as soon as you get up in the morning.

Did you make your bed this morning?

When we’re dragging ourselves up in these dark autumnal mornings, often the last thing we feel like doing is straightening covers and plumping pillows.

But think about how you’ll feel when you come back to your bed later today.

Wouldn’t it feel so much better to get into a nicely made bed, rather than spending a few minutes having to find which is the top edge of the covers?

By making your bed in the morning, you’re doing something nice to take care of yourself.

Showing yourself you’re worth the effort.

Creating something nice for yourself to come back to later.

Also – before you’ve even got dressed, you’ve ticked something off your to-do list for the day.

You’ve completed your first task of the day!!!

And it also prevents you from slipping back under the covers…

I know that sounds a bit silly, but starting the day with a task completed gives you a dopamine boost – you’ve achieved something.

We’ve all seen that joke about adding things you’ve already done to your to-do list so that you can tick them off; there’s a reason we do that!

If you walk out of your bedroom having already achieved something, that sets you up for the day –

You’re the sort of person who ticks things off their list!

You get stuff done!

It sounds silly but honestly I’ve found that it works for me –

And I always appreciate it when I come back to the bedroom in the evening to a nice, neatly made bed.

Why not try it and see?