LinkedIn offer free professional headshots!

It sounds too good to be true!

And unfortunately it is, our lucky US counterparts are now entitled to free professional headshots from LinkedIn, giving their profiles the much needed boost!

Launching their #PictureOpportunity tour, LinkedIn is travelling throughout the US with a studio bus, offering updated professional profile pictures and advice to improve their profiles. Offering a fast service, those lucky enough to attend join the back of the line and wait for their turn in front of the lens. Included in the service is a last minute touch up area, providing all attendees the opportunity to brush their hair and touch up their make up.

Provided with plenty of tips and information, the tour starts off by reminding participants that LinkedIn profiles with profile pictures get approximately 14 times more views! Now that is impressive, and something I have always encouraged when creating my clients perfect first impression!

Unfortunately for us, it does not seem like we will be receiving a LinkedIn tour around the UK, however, with various studios around the country now, The Headshot Guy is here to provide you with the perfect, complete LinkedIn profile.

How to use LinkedIn effectively

Update your LinkedIn profile today!

As stated above, we at The Headshot Guy aim to provide you with the highest quality first impression. Specialising in headshot photography for your LinkedIn profile. If you are still using a photo of you and a glass of wine, or a picture from your holiday it may well be time to update your profile. Book a private shoot with us today and bring your profile to life. Watch as your profile gets more views, connections and networking opportunities.

If you are fortunate to catch us at an event we also provide a brief free service for you to get a taster of The Headshot Guy. Providing a quick 5 minute shoot and your own private gallery, you will walk away with a brand new image ready for your social networking profiles. Bring your profile to life with a professional, confident image to open up the doors to social networking.

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