Curating and sharing your authentic self image.

What do you think other’s see from the images you share?

What are your blindsides?

Most images are not consciously curated. They are happy snaps with friends, now selfies, and at best more professional shots within small to larger groups at special occasions like weddings.

Consider how you come across? What does each image say about you? More so now than ever our personal image and brand can be the difference between new personal and/or professional relationships and the exposure we may need to take ourselves to that next level…

Thinking back to 10 years ago my long term mentor and teacher was calling me to discuss the 3-4 headshots I had submitted for a leadership role. My enrolment letter would soon to be winging it’s way out to over 2,000 people within our community of learners globally,

He was concerned about the images and called to discover my thinking behind the selection.

“You can’t see it, can you?”

Me – “Well no, if I did we wouldn’t be talking. Tell me what I can’t see?”

“Think about it. You are a connecting, heartfelt leader and what do you think these images say about you?.”

I pause “Well I picked them because I liked them, I look happy or it’s taken by someone I love.”

“You still don’t see it do you?”

I’m pissed off now. “It’s called a blindside for a reason. Tell me what I am not seeing?”

He responds

“In all the pictures you sent across I can’t see your eyes. Either they are obscured by a hat, sunglasses or blurred in action. How can your team connect with you? I read these as if you don’t want to be seen?” 

Curating and sharing your authentic self image.

 Silence from me. Imagine the sound of the penny dropping!

“Oh yes… I get it. You can’t see me at all.”

“Yes the pictures say to me you are fun, party girl with lots of energy. But I don’t get your presence, power and connection that I get from you when we connect.”

That blindside exposed gave me huge amounts of food for thought and ever since then I’ve taking steps to be more open to the way I am photographed and by whom.

Skip forward 10 years to now… The portfolio head shots co-created by John Cassidy with me has been an amazing calling card and opened many doors for me. One big win is I am now the proud poster woman for The Centre Of Excellence for Women’s Entrepreneurship at The University of East London.

Curating and sharing your authentic self image.

Anna B. Sexton is directing Open To Create… co-designing & delivering creative learning & development programmes. Anna B. Sexton LinkedIn