Kind to Ourselves

Earlier this week was World Kindness Day,

So I thought for this week’s Mental Sunshine would be more about kindness…

But not just any kind of kindness!

Arguably the most important type of kindness is that where we are kind to ourselves

We often pride ourselves on being kind to those around us.

All the while being quite mean to ourselves.

Would you ever treat a cherished friend the way you treat yourself?

I’m guessing probably not.

The voice in your head is the one you spend the most time with.

So it’s worth making an effort to make it a little bit nicer.

Did you know that people who are kinder to themselves are actually less likely to feel anxious or depressed?

Being kinder to yourself doesn’t mean letting yourself off the hook when you do something wrong, or not holding yourself to account.

Rather, it means not beating yourself up for these things.

Giving yourself a break.

Making an effort to be kinder to yourself often leads to a sort of overflow of kindness, where you just find it easier to be more kind to the people around you.

Start by taking notice of how you speak to yourself and how you treat yourself.

Then see if you can change those things slightly.

Made a mistake?

It’s not the end of the world.

Remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes and move on without calling yourself names.

Feeling tired and run down?

Stop telling yourself you need to do it all.

Can you take some time out for a break?

What would you do for a beloved friend in your position?

What would you say to your child if they made a mistake?

How would you treat someone you love?

Start applying these things to yourself, and see what difference it makes to the level of Mental Sunshine in your life!