Give someone a compliment

Hopefully today’s Mental Sunshine will help to brighten the dark November morning for you…

This week’s Mental Sunshine tip is to give someone a compliment.

When you give someone a compliment, and see how it brightens their day, it can brighten your day too.

Yep, making someone else feel good makes you feel good too.

Humans are great, aren’t we?

As well as this, how many people are there in your life who you appreciate, but don’t tell them?

Why not just tell them then!

Hey, I like how you did this thing. I appreciate the effort you’ve put in here. That shirt is a really good colour on you. I love your hair like that.

You don’t need to think of anything profound, or to say something that’s not true.

If the shirt doesn’t look good on them, don’t mention it. Compliment their shoes instead!

Human beings are wired for connection,

And when you call out something you appreciate in a person – whether that’s something they’re wearing or something they’ve done – you’re helping both of you to feel more connected in the world.

What could be better than that!

Some top tips for giving compliments:

  • Try to really make the person feel seen. Say their name; look into their eyes and show them they are appreciated
  • Try to focus on something a person has said or done, rather than their appearance
  • Be genuine. I believe there’s always something to appreciate in a person; challenge yourself to find something you really do appreciate, rather than inauthentically mentioning something else
  • Compliment the effort rather than the result

Your challenge today then, is to find something you appreciate in every person you meet – and tell them about it.

This will be easy with some people – your children; your spouse; your work bestie.

But can you also compliment the barista who makes your coffee?

What about someone in your office you don’t necessarily get along with?

Your boss?

How many compliments can you hand out in one day?