This week’s mental sunshine is about creating something to help and inspire you during those less-inspiring times.

How often do you read something in a book or article that really resonates with you…

Do you turn the page and keep on reading and then try to remember it at a later date?

This week’s tip is to actually journal those expressions and quotes that resonate with you as and when they come up.

It might be a quote in an article, a passage from a book or even something you’ve overheard in the queue in the supermarket.

If it strikes a chord with you, write it down in a journal or notebook.

The process of physically writing it down also helps you to remember it too.

Don’t forget to also note who said it or where you heard it!

You can even write your own thoughts beneath the quote,

Using it as a journal prompt will help you explore your own ideas and opinions.

Fairly soon you’ll have a nice notebook filled with inspiration and your own thoughts.

The practice of self inquiry, of looking at why does this passage resonate with me? can really help us to remain curious and questioning.

It can also be interesting to look back on and re-evaluate whether we still feel the same way.

Do you have a journaling practice?

Do you already write down quotes and passages that inspire you?

Or is all of this new to you?

Perhaps its time to invest in a nice journalling book…

I’d love to know what the first quote or saying in your book will be…