I hope you had a very hoppy Easter and managed to get a few days rest away from your usual daily routine.

This week’s dose of mental sunshine is all about emojis…

Being a visual person I do like to scatter a few here and there in my emails and text messages.

It is said that a picture paints a thousand words and I think an emoji is a simple way of visually expressing what you wish to say.

Emojis are also a great way of reflecting your general mood

And the easiest way to see how this works is by opening up the emoji screen on your phone and looking at those that you’ve used most recently.

Are they mostly happy and positive…

Or are there a few “red flags”?

We can often tell a lot about ourselves (and other people) about the words and phrases we use most often.

And I think our use of emojis does the same.

So what emojis do you regularly use and what do they say about you?

Here’s the 6 that I’ve been using most frequently.

Actually. I think this is a fair assessment of who I am. (although not quite as shivery as the lake temp for my open water swimming is now up into double figures)

Do your most recently used emojis reflect the person you are or want to be?

Could making a conscious effort to use more positive emojis in your messages help you to feel more positive and elevate your mental sunshine?

There is, as they say, only one way to find out!