How you can make an impact in the corporate world!

It’s spring and a fresh start, and for many of you, it may even be a new job or challenge. Reputation within business through word of mouth is still alive and kicking, but how can you really make an impact when you start a new job? The first challenge is getting known.

In many corporate roles, employees have told us the first hurdle is making your presence known internally. If you do this right, working effectively with all departments from marketing to finance will be a walk in the park. This is before you can even start to influence shareholders, investors and customers.

There have been some great conversations after shoots we’ve done in recent months, but from the information we’ve gathered, corporate employees within their first year in role say that; the majority of their online profile views come from other internal employees.


Whether that’s employee’s having a nosy at your CV, figuring out what salary you could be on, understanding how they can work with you to push forward plans, or even because they’ve forgotten your name . . . the point is, who cares? At the end of the day, if your headshot isn’t good, it’s exactly that they are going to remember.

Think of it like this, you wouldn’t want to go to a casino with your colleague in a wetsuit, or a massacred ball with your friend wearing shorts and flip flops. Life is full of choices and this one, for sure, you can take ownership of, and trust us, it will do you heaps of favours.

There’s also the flip side of the coin. Once you’ve settled in, and you really have got a name for yourself as the determined and well respected professional you are, it’s the new starters who will have to get to know who’s who. And as a new starter, we’ve all been there  . . .  it can be a hard time. Proving yourself, building bridges and making connections. But you never know what the new starter has in their kit bag, it could be something of use for that business case you’ve been trying to push through for the past year.

Within the digital sphere especially it’s not easy, and it’s these new starters that can often teach us a thing or two to really help you in those day to day situations, from presentations to reports and even innovation. It will most likely be on their radar to link up with you, but with so many employees present within the corporate castle, new starters can have the upper hand of being choosy. Let’s face it, it’s a blank page, they’ve made no connections yet, so you can’t really get offended if they begin making business plans first with the guy sat opposite you. There can be big ego’s in the corporate office, but it takes a new starter a good few months to figure out who’s who and understand the hierarchal structure. Furthermore, within this period, the people that the new starter networks with and builds relationships with first, can last a lifetime.

In order to figure out who YOU are though unless the new started as been told, would be through a quick Google search, and BAM there you are, in all of your business glory. And I don’t know about you, but I want to show my warm personality, which beams success, through a well thought through headshot. But giving away that I wrestle on a Saturday night isn’t something I particularly want to portray. That headshot is key.

We can give your face more reach than it’s ever had before, a photograph that will network with people before you’ve even met. With people turning to the internet to see who’s who, make sure you have a presence and demonstrate your true character, and that fresh start will stay fresh throughout your whole career.

Abraham Lincoln once said; “Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing” Make sure people love your headshot and reputation will naturally follow (as long as you’re good at your job of course!)

The best headshot is the headshot that stands the test of time. When that dreaded email comes through, and you’ve just found out there will be organisational restructure, do you really think the CEO knows everyone in the business? And there’s only one place they will go have a quick search. Online.

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