Why People Hate Having Their Photographs Taken

Having your photograph taken can be scary, some of us love it but most of us hate it. We don’t walk around with paper bags on our heads, people see our faces every single day, so why do we have an irrational fear of having our photograph taken? There are three types of people in this world; Lovers, Haters and Avoiders – which one are you?



Lovers, Haters and Avoiders – which one are you?

Avoiders – The most common category of all are Avoiders, they simply avoid any contact, with any camera, ever! There are many reasons why they dodge photographic capture. The first reason is that Avoiders may have never seen a fantastic photo of themselves for one reason or another. Many avoiders may dislike something about their appearance. When presented in front of the camera everybody in this category looses their subconscious ability to control their expressions, which means they find it very difficult to not think about what they look like. What avoiders may not know, is that this is very common and it’s the job of the photographer to bring back that natural expression by working with the client. The best thing people in this category can do, is face their fear and visit a professional headshot photographer.

Avoiders catch phrase: “Sorry, I don’t do photos”

Haters – Haters are those who feel awkward when a camera, that isn’t their own, is pointed at them. This is the second most common category to fall into, which is strange because many people in this category love a good selfie. Haters are those who’ve generally had a bad experience of having their photo taken in the past by somebody else, but do it anyway. For many haters just stepping in front of the lens brings back a whole heap of bad memories. This could be because they are used to seeing a specific image of themselves. The classic school portrait is the one that first springs to my mind. Sat in front of the whole class, on a black wooden box, sweaty palmed, with the worst hair imaginable styled by your mum that morning. “Say cheese”… Haters are the ones who when working with a professional headshot photographer surprise themselves with how relaxed and confident they become throughout the shoot.

Haters catchphrase: “I’m not photogenic”

Lovers – A lover is somebody who enjoys being in front of the camera and has had some experience being photographed. There are some lovers who haven’t had much experience but are often the type of person who is very confident and happy with their bodies. However, people in this category still need some coaching by a headshot photographer to be pushed further and get more out of their shoot.

Lovers catchphrase: “This is my best side”

Do you mess with the camera or does the camera mess with you? Whatever answer you have come up with, don’t worry. It doesn’t matter what category you may have landed in, it is important to understand that a professional headshot is part of your brand image. The professional headshot is not just for actors because people want to see people and that goes for business too.

We aim to work with our clients because after all a great photograph is a joint effort and you are a part of that experience. The Headshot Guy build’s trust and rapport with you during your shoot and will coach you through every aspect, including your eyes and micro-expressions, which you might not even know you’re doing. It’s our job to make you comfortable making your experience as relaxed as possible. Trust us when we say this, you will be happy with the end result.

If you feel you would like any advice about what happens in our shoots, then please give us a call on 0800 234565 – we are happy to talk through the whole experience. The Headshot Guy is here to guide you to the perfect professional headshot.

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