How To Manage Stress – Take Time To Relax!

We live in a world where we always feel that we have forgotten something because we live such busy lives. Our work and personal lives are now so fast-paced that we don’t even find time to sit still and take a breather before heading into meetings. If you are anything like me, you only get time to think about the next steps in your day when you’re driving from one meeting to the next. With frequent performance reviews and fast paced online meetings, the mind is naturally under constant pressure to perform to the best of its ability.

Here are 3 simple techniques for entrepreneurs and business professionals that you should use before heading into a meeting or before you get home. These techniques won’t just help relax your mind and enhance your overall health and well-being but will improve the transparency of your positive attitude in front of the camera.

1) Tunes: Something we all love to hear is music. Music can be the best medicine to cure a stressful mind. Your own feel good songs are a great way of soothing your senses and will have a positive impact on your emotions. Listen to your favourite songs whilst in the shower or on your way to work and you will begin to feel relaxed.

2) Tidiness: The environment we are surrounded by, both at home and at work, has an impact on our minds. To keep yourself relaxed, it is essential to building a positive and calm environment. A messy home and work environment can often cloud your mind. Clean the mess and free your mind, I assure you it will have a positive effect on your life and your professional photo shoot (if you have one coming up).

3) Tranquillity: A technique that is often associated with relaxation is yoga. Yoga is a popular activity to de-clutter the mind, but in reality, we don’t all have the time to roll out our yoga mats on the tube. We do however have time for a little meditation and it doesn’t have to be anything too time-consuming. I take 100 breaths, I count them and I try not to think about anything else. This is a technique that works really well for me and yes, it’s only counting. This gives my brain something to do whilst my body has a rest. After 100 breaths I forget that I’m counting and my whole body feels at peace and ready to embrace the next part of my day.

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