Show your Face…

Just had an awkward moment sat in Costa. Have you ever had a thought running through your head then accidentally spurted it out loud? Yeah.. That just happened.

Sat here alone and I’ve basically just yelled: “OH, this is such an important tip!” Heads turn either from bewilderment or amusement I can’t tell but I sit here writing this blog anyway for you albeit a bit red-faced.

Anyway, one of the important things you can do with your branding is to SHOW YOUR FACE!

John Cassidy The Headshot Guy ®

Sounds scary, I know right? But we do it every day. Why shouldn’t we do it online?

Last week I was talking to one of my old friends from high school who has set up her own company. The company is still in the early stages and she was telling me how she wasn’t quite seeing growth as quickly as she’d like.. With that said, we entered the web address and had a look at her company’s website and social media. Then it hit me…I see this mistake made again and again and again.

“When people go on your website they are buying your product to meet their needs (DUH!) but they are also investing in YOU! They believe in you and they want to see you can offer them! What I can see just by quickly taking a look at your online presence is that there isn’t very much of you in there at all. So when I visited your website, your face wasn’t shown, the only place I could find it was in a tiny box at the bottom of the screen. Show your face, let them know who you are and let your personality shine through on centre-stage. It’s literally one of the most vital ways to connect with your audience and sell your product.. Go get ’em!”

Because here is the thing. As a business owner, you are a personal brand and that is an awesome thing. You have the power to market yourself and more people will buy the product because they like you and they believe in you. It provides the perfect advantage over all the faceless brands out there that people have trouble connecting with and trusting, particularly in the early stages when your brand hasn’t got much recognition yet.

So that’s all good and well but what are some ways you can show off your face and connect better with your existing and potential customers?

There are two very simple steps.

  1. Get professional photos done. Yep, get ready… And let’s make them better than the embarrassing photo in your high school yearbook. Photographers at The Headshot Guy will capture your personality (whether you are super fun and outgoing or serious and no-nonsense) and know how to use the camera perfectly to make your best features shine! Advanced tip: have a few different outfits, get different angles and also get some photos of you pointing into space which can be super helpful later when you’re advertising on your website.
  2. Your photo needs to be on EVERYTHING. And we mean EVERYTHING. That means when they click on your website and see you, they’ll remember you. When they look at their business cards laying around their house, they’ll remember you. When they’re in bed at nigh… Well maybe that’s not what we’re aiming for but you get the picture.

Just remember there is only one of you so let people see and remember your face.

Have a fantastic day from everyone at The Headshot Guy.