When was the last time you had a good celebration?

A birthday?
An anniversary?

When we’re children, there seems to be so many more things to celebrate.

We go to endless friends’ birthday parties.

There are special days at school.

Sometimes it feels like there’s a celebration every week!

However when we reach adulthood, we often don’t even stop to celebrate things with any great fanfare?

Guess what though:

When you’re an adult, you can buy a birthday cake from the supermarket at any point

And nobody checks whether it’s actually your birthday!!!

So this weeks mental sunshine challenge is to look for a reason to celebrate.

-When is your half-birthday? (yes, that can be a thing if you want it to)
-Your pets birthday?
-The anniversary of moving into your house.
-Perhaps you just had a good day at work.
-Or even for no reason at all – Just because you can…

Celebrate something & eat cake…

You can decide to celebrate anything, at any time like my friend Vicky who’d celebrate anything at the drop of a hat – including the dropping of a hat 🙂

And if you can’t think of anything – make something up…

Get a cake. Maybe some balloons too

If you’re feeling a little bit low, why not actively look for something to celebrate?

Life is short; celebrate and eat some cake with a big smile…

But save me a slice! 🍰