This week’s mental sunshine is all about scents and smells.

I love the smell of newly cut grass; it just smells so fresh.

We all have that certain smell that can transport us back to childhood, whether that’s the inside of a tin of sweets at Christmas, a particular meal our mum used to cook or dad’s aftershave. One sniff and we’re instantly back there.

Did you know that some smells can actually help our mental wellbeing?

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years – not just to make things smell nice, but as a natural healing aid.

We can use essential oils to help us to wake up and feel more alert (such as peppermint), or to calm down before bed (lavender).

They can create a more comforting, loving feeling when we’re feeling down (patchouli) or help us to feel less stressed.

Next time you’re feeling less than 100%, why not see if you can use your sense of smell to change your mood.

It’s not something we often think about, but it can really help.

My favourite aroma is Oud. It immediately reminds me of hot sunshine in Dubai

Here are a couple of suggestions for how essential oils can help with your mood:

For stressful situations: try neroli

For when you really need to focus on something: try mint

For when you want a bit of comfort and grounding: try patchouli

For when you want to relax before bed: try lavender

Aromas can transport you back to childhood…

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My favorite is Escape with the blend of Oud Frankincense & Sandalwood.

What’s your new favourite aroma going to be?