Be a star for the day

Be a star for the day!

I did a session recently with someone who was very unsure about the whole thing. She had some semi-professional photographs taken a few years ago and the results weren’t that great. But eventually she agreed – her online presence needed a photograph and she knew it.

Setting the date turned out to be a complicated matter – she insisted that it had to be timed to coincide with a hair appointment. We shuffled the times around and finally found a slot that suited. We did the shoot and she was absolutely delighted with the results.

She told me afterwards that she had thoroughly enjoyed her day of being a star. She had gone to the hairdressers and received extra special treatment after they heard about her session at the photographers. Be a star. With a fabulous blow dry and a new suit she arrived for the session with lots of whooshing of hair and more than a few laughs.

We had a lot of fun and I got some great shots. She was her own special celebrity for a day in a way that Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell will never come close to.

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  1. There is nothing a woman likes more than to feel she is the centre of attention for a day – even those who are naturally shy and retiring. And just wait until she sees her photos – I bet she’ll be even more pleased. I certainly was.

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