Another Take

Another Take

Last week I received a phone call from a student called Marin who was looking to do some work experience with a professional photographer over the Easter break. She is studying photography at the University of Gloucestershire and would like to get into fashion and portrait photography. After Marin spent the day with me I asked her to write a quick blog for me about her experience – so here it is:

“I really had a fantastic time on my day of work experience. John really encourages his clients to be who they are throughout the shoots. He constantly reassures them giving them direction and making them feel entirely at ease. He spurs them on to laugh and joke throughout the photo shoot. I’d only met him for 10 minutes and already had the feeling I’d know him for years. I feel like this familiarity he has with people, makes them more natural in front of the camera.

Often when you go to a photo-shoot you can feel quite daunted and are not too sure how to be in-front of the camera but with his ease and direction clients seemed comfortable. I also noticed what separated John’s style to other photographers was how he interacted with his clients. Instead of just starting the shoot straight away, he gave them time to prepare themselves so that they were relaxed. With one client we even sat around chatting so that John could learn more about them, which in turn got rid of any fears the sitter had of being in front of the camera.

I learnt a lot throughout the day (and took lots of notes). Working for another photographer means that you are constantly looking out for things and trying to anticipate lighting and set changes. These things help the photographer so they can concentrate on making the client look their best. It was also just nice to be able to assist John with setting up equipment, arranging lighting and reflectors and learning a few trick of the trade.

I also got a chance to see the plans for John’s new brand logo and website. It was incredibly interesting to see the organisation that went into it. I also got to see the type of work that the graphic designers were involved with, as well as meeting two incredibly entertaining dogs. We finished off the day at a business networking event where John met up with other business people (and potential clients). All of this showed me there is a lot more to being a photographer than just pressing the shutter.

After having such a positive day, I am really hoping I can soon build on the experience of being a photographer in the real world.”

Marin Hunter-Menzies
Student of Editorial and Advertising Photography at The University of Gloucestershire.