6 Benefits of a Professional Photograph

    1. Tell your audience they matter to you. Show they matter enough for you to make an effort with how you look. Turning up to a business meeting in old jeans probably isn’t going to win you the business. Taking a photograph with your web cam is the photographic equivalent.

  1. Look your best. We all have cherished photographs when we looked terrific – perhaps on holiday or at a wedding. It has nothing to do with what we were wearing, and everything to do with how we are feeling. Unfortunately we don’t have too many equivalent photographs in a business suit or other work attire. A professional photograph ensures you look your best for the people you need to influence in your business or social life.
  2. Success isn’t an accident. We often look at successful people and wish we had their luck, talent or breaks. They obviously had advantages that we didn’t have – otherwise they wouldn’t be successful. Actually, no – they just make smart decisions. Making sure you have a great image is a smart decision in your personal success story.
  3. Look professional. Whatever your occupation, a great photograph shows you mean business. Whether you are a sportsperson, a business person, a landscape designer or an architect – the right image projects the qualities you want to project. You wouldn’t leave your education to chance, so why leave your image to chance?
  4. See off the competition. We compete with others professionally, socially and romantically. It might sound harsh but it’s true. Sometimes a photograph makes the difference between picking up the phone, or not. Lingering over your web site, or not. Making contact, or not. Don’t let your competitors have a better online image than you. After all – they don’t look half as good as you do.
  5. Social networking is here to stay. Big business, political parties, people who want to keep in touch or make new contacts have all wised up to the fact that social networking is massive. A good photograph speaks volumes – often enough to make new or old contacts stay long enough to read what you have to say. Be net-savvy and look good on LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook and Twitter.

Great images of famous faces sell newspapers and magazines. A great image of you can sell your cause more effectively than you might imagine. And now that my studio facilities are set up it’s easier and more cost effective than ever.

What are you waiting for? Get the 6 benefits of a professional photograph. Call me today.

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  1. All good points. I would add that an excellent photograph puts a face to a name. It serves to give the name a personality as well as providing a memory hook for the intended audience.

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