Barristers, is your profile photo damaging your brand…?

It still astounds me how many professional people are using home-made, low resolution profile pictures on their websites and social media sites. What shocks me even more is that this is a common theme amongst barristers! An extremely sought after and traditional profession yet they aren’t willing to invest in their image. It was just this morning I was browsing the internet and came across this page.

The Bars Worst Chambers Headshots

I honestly feel that a substantial amount of credibility and professionalism is compromised when using someChoose the right profile picture of these profile pictures. As a headshot photographer I’ve had lengthy talks with all sorts of professionals about why it is so essential to have a great headshot and what it can do for your online profile and earlier this summer I worked with 9 Gough Square Barristers chambers. I photographed 60 barristers and found it very interesting to talk to them and find out why they too deemed it so important to have a professional online image.

When photographing barristers in a large chambers I allocate each one an approximate time slot of 15 minutes. This means that if there are 20 barristers it will take me just about 5 hours. As I only need each barrister for roughly 15 minutes it means that they are barely disrupted from their day but they will still end up with a great headshot that can be used as a profile picture that indicates their professional nature and gives their audience a great impression.

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