Make-up For Photography

The key to creating the perfect make-up for photography is to define and enhance features whilst retaining a natural look. It all starts with the perfect base and a primer such as Illamasqua Hydra Veil is ideal. This gel based formula instantly hydrates the skin, creating a smooth base for makeup to be applied onto. A primer holds foundation on for longer too so your foundation will withstand hot studio lights no matter how long the shoot takes.

Foundation choice can depend on skin type but my favourite option for photography is Make Up For Ever HD Foundation. This high definition foundation was created to be undetectable on camera yet provide a flawless coverage on the skin. For a truly flawless finish, this foundation is best applied with a buffing brush such as the MAC 187 which when used in circular buffing motions, leaves no marks or streaks on the skin. Any areas which need a little extra help, use a concealer such as Nars Radiant Creamy concealer, a creamy hydrating formula which truly performs when it comes to covering redness and blemishes.

Blusher can be a tricky subject in photography because going too strong with a colour can cause a distraction and if applied to heavily a powdery look can be seen on camera. Cream blushers eliminate these problems by producing a soft wash of colour, as similar to a natural flush as possible. Choosing the right tone is essential and will depend on skin tone but for fair to medium skin tones MAC Ladyblush provides a natural rosy glow. For deeper skin tones, Tea Petal is an ideal soft brown rose. Cream blushers can be applied using the tips of the fingers however for that truly flawless finish try the MAC 130 brush in soft tapping motions moving upwards from the apples of the cheeks. Less is more with this product.

Hayley doing make-up for Arthur & Betty Clothing fashion show
Hayley doing make-up for Arthur & Betty Clothing fashion show

A good setting powder is essential for both longevity and the desired result of perfect skin. Only apply powder after all liquid or cream products have been applied to the skin to avoid patchy areas of makeup build up. The more finely milled the powder, the less detectable it is so loose powder provides the best results in this situation. NARS Light reflecting loose setting powder is a real revelation in powders. With an exclusive light reflecting complex, it blurs the look of imperfections, lines and wrinkles and contains a luminous yet shine controlling formula. An ideal product for touch ups and shine control.

The eyes are incredibly important, especially for head shots, as they give the most sense of character and personality to an individual so enhancing the natural beauty of the eyes is key. If the lashes are naturally straight give them a quick fix with Shu Uemura eyelash curlers which instantly improve the curl of the lash and open up the eye area. If the lashes are fair or lack definition it is important to use a mascara which will give them enough colour and strength to be seen on camera. Lancome Definicils mascara has a comb wand which gives definition without clumping. If the lashes need a bit more depth, try using a dark brown pencil liner such as Illamasqua Honour to give definition at the root of the lashes. The dark brown gives good strength on camera but doesn’t look as harsh as black.

Brows are often neglected but they are incredibly important in framing the face particularly in photography. A natural brow will lift the look of the face and open up the eye area. For the most natural brow finish try a tinted brow gel such as Billion Dollar Brows Hint of tint brow gel which is simply brushed through following the direction the hair grows to add a subtle hint of colour and hold the hairs in place.

Lips are the final step, and once again prep is key with a good lip balm being the most important product. LUSH Honey trap balm is a satin finish balm full of shea butter and almond oil to treat the lips and smells delicious! Glossy lips can look too overpowering for a headshot so I like to blot the lips with tissue and apply a nude satin or matte finish lipstick.MAC Honeylove is ideal for fair to medium skin tones, whilst MAC Spirit is a great option for deeper skin tones.


Illamasqua Hydra Veil £27

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation £30.95

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer £21

MAC Ladyblush cremeblend blush £18

Lancome Definicils Mascara £22

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