How are you feeling right NOW?

When you think of your answer to that question, don’t do the usual Oh yeah, fine thanks – and don’t do the usual listing off of things you have to do today…

Really stop for a moment and consider how you are feeling in your body.

This week’s mental sunshine is all about the power of Awareness and being fully present in the moment.

I’ve been reading Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now.

Essentially it’s a book about how we interact with ourselves and each other, and how we can be more present in the now.

We humans spend a lot of time allowing our minds to either rush forward into the future, or fall back into the past.

Tolle argues that right here and now, in this present moment, there is no problem – all problems are created by what the mind thinks will happen in the future, or what it remembers happened in the past.

It’s easy to live large chunks of our lives on autopilot – the old cliché about arriving at work with no recollection of the actual journey.

It’s relatively simple to bring our minds into the present moment

But it takes practice to keep it there.

What are you aware of right now?

Doing anything where you really have to pay attention to what you’re doing can work for this, whether that’s doing a normal task in a more mindful way or simply watching your breathing.

The mind automatically wants to go rushing off to think about other things – and a lot of people give up at that point.

Over time however, you can get used to living more in the present moment.

And with the present moment comes the gift of peace.

How do you stay aware in the present moment?

I’d love to hear your experience of this…