I hope you’re having a good week and managing to stay comfortable in this hot weather!

For this week’s Mental Sunshine I thought we’d return to my word cloud.

This is a collection of words I keep by my desk to remind me of all the adjectives I want to associate with myself.

This week’s word is Abundant.

You could say we are having an abundance of sunshine and warm weather

Sometimes it can be easy feel like there’s a lack of things – Especially when you see greed and selfishness driving people to raid the supermarket shelves for toilet roll etc as we saw during Covid lockdown

I wonder how may rolls some people still have left in their cupboards…

But it’s not too hard to find things that are abundant in life,

And to appreciate them.

This is one of those things where it just takes a little practice in learning to look out for these things, and soon enough you’ll do it automatically.

If you look around you, you’re very likely to find something that’s present in abundance.

Good people in your life. Open spaces to walk and relax. Things you are thankful for,

It doesn’t really matter what you choose – just notice and appreciate how abundant this is in your life… and then find something else that’s abundant.

As well as noticing things that are abundant, it’s useful to try and switch your thinking on things you might ordinarily think of as lacking.

For example, instead of thinking about how you wish there was more money in the bank, you could reframe that as “I have plenty of money for my present needs.”

Look around and you will see abundance all around you…

Another thing you can do to cultivate a feeling of abundance in your life is to keep a gratitude journal – or just actively look for things to be grateful for throughout your day.

What we’re doing is training our minds to look for the positives in life, rather than the negatives…

And this can help us to have more mental sunshine in our lives.

As always, I’d love to hear how you get on with this one.

Drop me a line and let me know!

PS A huge thank you to everyone that kindly sponsored me for my 24Hr relay swim last weekend – It was a super weekend and my 3-4am shift was simply magical under the moonlight. The charity have thus far raised £86,000 which will fund (an abundant) 5733 swimming lessons for children with disabilities.


Wishing you Joy, Confidence & Positivity