Your Profile Picture

Imagine that your main job is a hairdresser, because you work solely with hair it becomes a part of your day-to-day life and therefore you cannot help but notice people’s hair. It’s the best comparison that I have but what I mean is that as a headshot photographer I cannot help but analyse the pictures that my connections, followers or friends use on their profiles.

One of the worst images people can use as their profile picture, for me personally is a selfie. No matter how much you crop the image or try to trick the angle it is always obvious that you have taken the picture yourself in a communal room – maybe even at work up against a white wall. It looks unprofessional and unfortunately it looks cheap.

Another rookie mistake are grainy, pixelated images. You know the images where you almost have to squint to make out the subject of the picture clearly? Why would anyone choose to have a picture like that as the image that represents him or herself online? You need a decent quality image that represents you and your business in the right manner.

I have spoken about this next one many, many times before but potentially the worst mistake you can make when it comes to your social media profile picture is the cropped image. Whether it’s from a night out, a holiday picture or a corporate event if you are cutting other people out people will be able to tell. You may think that your Photoshop skills are top notch but unless it is what you do as a profession the chances are that people are going to be able notice the people or the scenery that you have cropped out.

‘Why so serious?’ Remember that it’s okay to smile in your picture. Your profile picture should be professional and smart but it’s okay to show your personality too, in fact it’s preferable. People do judge you from your profile picture and so do not be afraid to smile – put a picture out there that people will want to connect with, that portrays you as friendly and approachable.

Of course I would always recommend that you have a professional headshot, if you are online and representing The Headshot Guyyour own or anybody’s company for that matter then make sure that you portray yourself in the right way and use a profile picture that reflects your business and it’s values.

If you’re looking to update your profile picture and want to convey your brand in the right way then get in touch and see how I can be of assistance.