Visual Marketing

Marketing nowadays has come to rely heavily on visual aids. Posts on social media platforms nearly always perform better if they include an image within their post and image based platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are only continuing to increase in popularity.

If you are using social media platforms as part of your marketing plan then it is essential that you have considered The Headshot Guy Profile Picturethe power of visual marketing and are incorporating images into your strategy in a big way. When it comes to your social media platforms a key focus is your profile picture, this may be people’s first point of contact with you and your business and you want to portray yourself in the right manner. What better way is there to do that than with a professional headshot? You will be recognisable for those that have met you before and for those who will arrange to see you after engaging with you via LinkedIn or Twitter. You are also exhibiting a strong message that you care about the way in which your brand is conveyed.

When it comes to visual marketing make the most of your brand colours too, where possible use them as your core text colours and even use them to annotate images. The more people see a colour used within your businesses assets the more they will relate that particular colour with your brand. Use as many visual aids you can get your hands on and get creative! Create your own images or ‘memes’ to share with your followers. As long as it is in line with your brand you should experiment with visual marketing and see what resonates most with your followers on social media.

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