Your image is an asset

Your image is an asset. One of the biggest assets that gives people their first impression of your brand. The power of an image cannot be underestimated. My business card has a picture of me on it, and it is effective for two reasons. Firstly, it stands out from the crowd and secondly it reminds people who I am. That might sound crazy as I normally hand across a business card personally, but that little reminder is worth such a lot. People buy from people, always have done and always will. And seeing my picture makes it a little easier to pick up the phone.

In this internet age putting the right image in your audience’s mind is more important than ever. It can convey authority, understanding, expertise and professionalism. It sets you apart you’re your competitors and shows you are serious.


I have a friend who always wears his best suit and tie before going to an important meeting. His best (although slightly uncomfortable) shoes are polished. He makes sure that he not only feels good, but also looks good. He is also well prepared, and with a good presentation he knows he can wow his audience. Feeling successful is a big part of being successful.

So is it any different when you cannot be there in person? No, of course not! It’s just the same. So send the best image of yourself that you can. Your image is an asset.

A professional photograph that reveals something of you and your personality and speaks volumes to those you need to communicate with, whether on the net or in print, or, indeed, on a business card.

Do you have my business card?