Secret Weapons in Headshots

What are your real secret weapons in headshots?

“WOW is that really me” and “Hey there miracle worker” are just 2 comments from happy female clients after recent portrait sittings with me.

What’s so special about these comments? Well I’m used to getting really great comments from my clients after a shoot but I expect to get hundreds more like this in the future because I have a new “secret weapon” that helps me make you ladies look even more beautiful.

What is this secret weapon I hear you ask? Well its a specially designed lighting reflector that’s used by all the top fashion photographers. I’ve now managed to get my hands on one – and its going to transform your look.

What does it do? It helps me to create a really soft and flattering light that, when combined with my other studio skills, helps me to produce the most wonderfully lit and flattering portraits without any “airbrushing” techniques.

How does it work? It’s special design works by helping me create an “envelope of light” that literally “wraps” around that face. This envelope softens any shadow areas and helps to hide all those wrinkles and skin imperfections, giving a “natural” cover girl complexion without having to apply tons of make-up!

Compare the examples below and see the difference yourself….

I’m now going to be offering this look to all my female clients for just £99.00 +VAT. This price includes an hour of studio time where at least 200-300 images will be taken. The best of these will be uploaded into your own private gallery on my website where you will be able view to choose your favourites. The £99.00 + VAT price includes one fantastic high resolution digital image. Extra images can also be purchased after you have seen the results from your shoot.

Now you can update your business image and online presence with confidence. Call me now on 07768 401009 to book your shoot and I’ll look forward to receiving your comments.