Why You Need A Professional Headshot

Would you risk turning up to a business meeting dressed in your office wear and trainers? Me neither, and just like a pair of shoes completes your look, so does a great headshot.

 A professional headshot is a long-lasting first impression for when you are not around.

 Having our heads attached to our bodies is a star quality we all have the privilege of living with. The face is one of the main features we as humans recognise each other by every day. However, professional headshots are much more than just a picture of your face.

A great professional headshot photographer considers body language, your smile, your brand colours, even the way you want to be perceived by your target market. Many people have forgotten the importance of first impressions online. The same way that you wouldn’t risk turning up to a business meeting in your trainers, some people risk their first impression being compromised, through lack of knowledge of just how dramatically influential a professional headshot has in association with you and your business. The fact of the matter is the quality of the visual representation affects the way people perceive the overall product or service, that product or service being your personal brand image.


If you are considering having your headshot taken for any purpose, have it taken by The Headshot Guy because it’s not worth turning up in trainers.

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