Positive Language

How are you today?

How often do we answer that question with “ah, not bad!”?

Well, this week’s dose of Mental Sunshine is all about flipping our language to make it more positive.

So instead of “not bad” you could say “I’m good thank you” – a small change from negative to positive.

Instead of saying “what’s the worst that could happen” flip it to “what’s the best that could happen!”

The words we choose in our daily life make a difference – even the tiniest change can help to lift our mood.

And, as you we start to talk with a more positive language, our minds start to think more positively.

So next time you are faced with a “problem”, think of it as a “situation” and this will help you find a solution

Watch your “positive” language (especially when talking about the weather…)

The weather is a really good example of this.

Weather is just weather – it’s not “good” or “bad” but often with our language we decide it’s bad, and then respond accordingly.

There’s a saying that I love from one of my favourite authors, Anthony De Mello, in his book Awareness. He says “The same rain that grows thorns in the marshes also grows lilies on the pond”

So the next time it’s raining, why not make a point of saying “oh, it’s raining” instead of the usual “the weather is horrible.”

Then put a coat on, and get on with your day – It’s just rain!!!

Become aware of all the ways you use negative words in your daily life – most of which will be unconsciously habitual or paradigm behaviour.

And see how you can flip them for positive ones.

This will allow space for mental sunshine to grow in your life – and we could all do with more of that!

Why not try using one of these positive words in your life today Delicious, Delightful, Exciting Fantastic or Enchanting.

And do let me know what your favourite positive word is…