How is your week going so far?

This week’s mental sunshine is an easy one:

Listen to podcasts.

Podcasts are a great way to learn something new, to expand your horizons and – yes – to brighten your day.

You can listen to them while you’re in the bathroom or eating breakfast, or on your commute.

They’re really great for times when you’re doing something that doesn’t take much thought like housework or walking.

These days the podcast market is huge, and you’re bound to find one to suit your tastes, whatever you’re into.

Since this email is about mental sunshine though, I thought I’d share some that can help to lift your mood each day:

Radio Headspace is a short podcast with a new episode every weekday morning. It’s a few minutes to switch off your internal chatter and pause to reflect.

Happy Place Podcast is an interview podcast hosted by Fearne Cotton. Each week she chats to a new guest about changes they’ve made in their lives to find their own inner happiness.

The School of Greatness is another interview podcast where host Lewis Howes chats to guests about what it means to live a great life.

Ten Percent Happier is hosted by Dan Harris, an American journalist who once had a panic attack live on air whilst reading the news. His podcast is all about how to be… ten percent happier!

Feel Better Live More is hosted by GP Dr Rangan Chatterjee. Each week he interviews a guest about their area of expertise, always ending with a question about what listeners can do in order to feel better and therefore live more. He also has a shorter, “Friday Five” episode which features a snippet from a previous episode.

If you have your own favourite podcast do let me know – I love new recommendations.