How to Present your Personal Website to Find the Job you Want

Personal websiteNow that we’re all a brand, a great personal website is the perfect way to promote yourself. Here’s a few tips on how to use your site to best present yourself to potential employers.


Be Authentic – Personal Branding Helps!

The best personal websites reflect their creator, from the words to the design and most pertinently for us here, the imagery.

Inauthenticity is a route to disaster. If you present a version of yourself to the world that’s not true, you’re setting your customers or potential employers up to be disappointed.

On the other hand, a site that reflects who you are, that provides an insight into what you can do and where you want to go enables people to really connect with you.

Putting yourself out there can feel like a risk but it opens you up to loads of potential rewards.

Without accountability you can’t build credibility and if you want a job, you need to be credible in the eyes of an employer.


Look the Part with Top-Notch Personal Website Design

Firstly what job are you after? Your website should reflect the capabilities and qualities required for the sort of role you want.

Are you after a corporate role? Then your imagery needs to look the business. Are you after a design role? Then you may need to look creative and professional. We can help you there!


Build Your Personal Brand on Social Media

Another good way of signalling your suitability for a role is to create content around the topic and share it across multiple channels. You could write blog posts, record videos or create podcasts and host them on your personal site as well as social media. Then an employer will know that you know what you’re talking about.


Create A Personal Site – With the Focus on the Personal  

What are you interested in away from work? Do you like to draw? Do you like to sail? Whatever it is, you can signal your interests on your site, giving a potential employer a way to connect with you and show that you’re a well rounded, thoughtful person.


Learn How to Promote Yourself

Your website can become a phenomenal digital calling card for you, easy to send to employers or share via social media. It can work for you 24/7, signalling your ability and suitability for the role you want.

Your personal website should be representative of you, what you can do and what you want. The better it can do this, the more likely an employer will realise that you can give them what they’re after.

Get in touch with us for professional headshots that will help attract the opportunities that you’re after.