Do You Have A Passion For Photography And People?

One of the most common things people say to me as they step in front of the camera is how unphotogenic they are and how they hate to have their picture taken. Nine times out of ten this isn’t the case. All it takes is some coaching and investing the effort into making your client feel relaxed and you can take some brilliant headshots.

The Headshot GuyThe key to achieving great headshots is often patience and coaching the person in front of the camera to relax. This can take a lot of effort and if you are at an event where it’s between five and ten minutes per person you don’t always have the time to really get to build a rapport with your subject. What you lack in time you have to make up for in energy, to achieve great images you have to be so energetic that it becomes infectious and will transfer to the person having their headshot taken. It’s often little one-liners that get people to relax or laugh and create the facial expressions that when captured make for a lovely headshot.

Part of being a headshot photographer is being a people person and being personable so that people automatically feel relaxed and calm around you. You need your clients to trust you almost instantly so that you are able to guide and coach them into the perfect positioning for their headshot.

If you have a passion for photography and people then this could be the franchise opportunity for you. To find out more about the position and what it involves please get in touch.