Are You Using An Out-Dated Headshot?

It is another of my pet hates – people using out-dated headshots that no longer look like them! A close friend of mine gets a new headshot taken every year; whilst some people may feel that this is excessive his strategy is smart and works on many different levels.

Firstly it is important to acknowledge that we change as the years go by. Some people might say we age; I prefer to think we just get more mature and sophisticated and as we mature the way we look at the world changes as we gain experience and knowledge. If you have a look at some photographs of yourself when you were younger – everything was new and exciting and you can see it in those photographs.

Secondly the world changes: fashion is constantly changing now more so than ever, styles change and hairstyles change. There are so many different visual clues that tell other people that you are using an out-dated photo. They are visual faux pas that you would never make in person, well at least I’d hope you wouldn’t.Are you using an out-dated headshot?

Lastly, your photograph needs to be you. Not you as you were 5 or 10 years ago, but you now! It is so important that your headshot reflects your appearance on a day-to-day basis. When I meet you in person I should feel like I already know you after having seen your photograph, no one should be left wondering whether they’ve got the right person. Honesty in online relationships is fundamental in getting real life relationships off to a good start.

As more and more relationships are formed online its important to make sure your image is fresh and currentYou wouldn’t wear a suit from 10 years ago, but so many people use an out-dated headshot and it’s time for this to stop.

Have a look at the photograph you use online. Does it reflect the way that you look now? If it doesn’t then get in touch and update your image.