Inner Peace

How peaceful are you feeling this morning?

I know, that’s a big question for a Thursday morning…

I like to keep positive-feeling words and phrases on a word-cloud document near my desk.

It helps to keep me motivated and reminds me of what I’m aiming for on a day-to-day basis.

One of the phrases on my word cloud is “inner peace”

The thing about inner peace is that people search for it their entire lives, and some never find it.

But it’s still worth reaching for.

It’s one of those things where the journey is as important as the destination.

And the journey is an internal one.

Imagine an ocean where the waves are 3 or 4 meters high and it’s blowing a gale on the surface.

Deep down, however, on the ocean floor, all is calm.

Similarly, this is where we find our inner peace – deep within ourselves – away from the surface and external turbulent world.

Search within for inner peace…

So what can you do to help achieve more inner peace?

-Practice mindfulness
-Spend time in nature, in a forest or by the sea
-Practice breathwork
-Practice aloneness

Many of these are things we’ve already covered in previous Mental Sunshine tips

That’s because inner peace and mental sunshine aren’t so far apart, really.

Essentially they’re both just about feeling more comfortable in your life and in your skin.

-More calmness
-More contentment
-More tranquillity

How do you find more inner peace in your life?