How often should you change your headshot

As a female business owner I know how vital it is to have a headshot on my social media platforms, the company website and any business material. Anytime I go for a meeting or I connect with people at networking events, I will look them up on LinkedIn and view their profile.

At the same time, I also see how many people view my LinkedIn profile and this can vary from twenty to fifty per week. I have had three headshots with John over the last four years and I believe you can see the changes dramatically. In my first one I was unprepared and not completely aware of what would be expected as my previous company had booked it so make sure you read the blog about preparing for your shoot before just turning up so that they can get the perfect shot. As my hair blended with my dress too much, I ended up wearing John’s pink jumper to differentiate the colour!!

Upon my second shoot, I had booked it in but I had also put on a lot of weight over the Christmas period. John got the best out of me regarding posture and smiling and although I would always say I’m unphotogenic, he did a great job. However due to how much weight I’d put on, when I then dropped the pounds, business peers were telling me they didn’t recognise me in my profile shots and also that I never wear my hair up in reality so why would I in my picture?

The Headshot Guy

So I finally booked in my third shoot and made the effort to make sure I was at my ideal weight, in something I would wear daily for work. Many people recommended that I wear a suit, but I work in marketing and most of the time I will be in dresses, whether formal or casual depending on what activity is happening and which clients we are meeting.

I would highly recommend ensuring that you look how you want people to perceive you upon first impression and also just be you.