How are you feeling this morning?

In this weeks dose of mental sunshine, I’d like to explore the word: Healthy

How does feeling healthy affect one’s mental sunshine, you might be wondering…

In recent years it has become much more widely accepted that our brains and our bodies are linked – and can affect each other.

Our mental and physical health are not two separate entities – they affect each other, both positively and negatively.

So if your body is physically healthy – or if you feel that you are more physically healthy – it can help to increase that mental sunshine too!

So how can you feel more healthy?

Here are a few ideas…


  • First of all, think of all the things you already do that are beneficial to your health – and pay attention to them. This will help you to feel healthy
  • Aim to move your body in some way – however small – each day
  • Keep count of how many portions of fruit and vegetables you consume each day – and try to increase that number. I’m sure you’ve already heard about the “5-a-day” suggested by the NHS – but in other countries the recommended number is higher. Apparently in Japan the recommendation is 13!
  • Tell yourself you are a healthy individual. Yes, I know this sounds a bit kooky – but evidence has shown that if we change the way we think about things, it can have an effect. So practise telling yourself positive things!

Remember: this is not about massive lifestyle changes to become a model on one of those health and fitness magazine covers!

Rather, it’s about helping yourself to feel that you are a healthy person –

Because that will help you to feel good generally.

And feeling good generally is what these emails are all about!