How is your week going so far?

Are things feeling bright and yellow like sunshine… or a bit drab and gray like a winter sky?

This week’s email is all about colours, and how they can affect your mood.

Did you know that orange is the colour of optimism?

I love it and try to make sure it’s around me in one way or another – whether it’s wearing my orange watch or writing with an orange pen, it’ll be there somewhere!

Colours can affect our moods in subtle ways. “Warm” colours like red, orange and yellow can make us feel more happy, optimistic and energetic while “cool” colours such as green and blue are more calming and soothing.

Purple is often used to help people to feel more creative as it is a mixture of red (intense) and blue (calm).

Sad colours are those that are darker like grey or brown or a more muted blue.

Interesting Fact: that in the West we think of black as a mourning colour but in some East Asian countries they mourn in white.

Nature bestows us with an abundance of colours…

Think about the world around you: are the colours you see warm and energising, or perhaps a bit cooler and calming?

What can you do to bring more warmth and energy into your day?

Perhaps a bright pop of colour in your outfit or even just choosing a brightly coloured mug for your morning cuppa.

Have fun with colour today, and see how it affects your mood!