Cold Showers

Do you start the morning all bright-eyed & bushy-tailed?

Or are you more the “stumbling into the kitchen, reaching for some coffee” type of morning person?

What if I told you there was a way to feel brighter and more invigorated in the mornings.

And it’s completely FREE?

Yes, it’s time for the cold shower post.

Having a cold shower could be the addition to your morning routine you didn’t know you needed!

Give me a minute to persuade you before dismissing this one outright…

A quick Google of “benefits of cold showers” will tell you that having a cold shower can be great for calming itchy skin, increasing circulation and reducing muscle soreness after a workout.

I find it’s great for helping me feel fresh and wide awake in the mornings.

There’s something really invigorating about getting under that cold water that really makes me feel bright, alive and ready to face my day.

My wife also tells me that a cold water rinse is good for your hair – Not that I would know much about that 🙂

If the idea of a cold shower in the mornings is a big NO for you, why not try this:

Have your warm shower as normal, and when you’re done, turn the water to cold for the last 30 seconds. And get progressively longer and colder

30 seconds is nothing; you can definitely manage that, can’t you?

And, if you are in the northern hemisphere, now is a good time of the year to start as the cold water from the mains isn’t that freezing (yet).

So you can build up your tolerance for when it does get colder.

I will be starting my day today with a cold dip in here. The River Dart at New Bridge, Dartmoor

Beginning your day by doing this also has a psychological benefit.

You’ve already done something you didn’t fancy doing, and that can set you up to tackle even the most daunting of to-do lists.

Try it out, and let me know how you get on.

NOTE: please check with your doctor or GP if you have a serious heart condition or weakened immune system as a sudden change to body temperature could cause you harm.