Building Rapport

It’s something that I have experienced so many times. Someone shy steps in front of the camera and I can tell that I’m going to have to slowly bring out their confidence in order to gain a good headshot. It can be such a daunting experience to be photographed especially for shy and quiet individuals. My trick is to make people feel comfortable around me.

It’s a rewarding process and a part of my job that I absolutely adore, some of the first pictures that I take people can look so unsure of themselves and uncomfortable and by then end of our hour session (or even better a day session) the transformation is incredible. Maybe I am a little biased but the proof is in the pictures. Building rapport with people that you are photographing is a key element to taking a lovely picture of said person.

People naturally look better when they smile and when they are relaxed and as a headshot photographer it is my job to ensure that they have a selection of great images to choose from at the end of our time together. It is a challenge for me to bring out this light-hearted side of people that comes across so well on camera.

We’ve all been at a party or on holiday and someone points a camera at us and says ‘smile’, unless you’re one of the lucky few who have been blessed with the ability to smile on cue this is not going to be the best picture of you. I build a rapport with my clients and then try to capture their natural expressions on camera and so far it has worked exceptionally well for me!

If you are looking for a professional headshot then please get in touch. Let me put your mind at ease and build a rapport with you to show you how fantastic you look.