All About the Face

Your headshot could be the first point of contact that people have with you. When you have seen people’s images on social media websites, in email signatures or ‘about us’ pages on websites you involuntarily make judgments about these people, it is a natural process that can’t be helped. What do you want to portray about yourself when people are looking at your image?

A great headshot should make you look approachable and confident, it’s all about the face. If you look miserable or stressed in your image people are going to be less inclined to connect with you or reach out to you, there needs to be an air of friendliness to your image which encourages people to contact you. I work with my clients to ensure that they appear to be relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera even if they hate being photographed.

In this digital age that we are in it is likely that people will now be coming to you via social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter and it is essential to have the right image to encourage connections. The eyes are one of the most crucial factors of your profile image and they should always look engaged – it is amazing how much this can enhance a person’s headshot.

Your headshot can be a useful business tool so make sure you use a photographer that knows how to portray you in the right manner, and have an idea of what you want to convey through your image. To find out more about the services that I can offer then please click here and get in touch with your questions and queries