Ian Poulter Photography

This week started with a “one to one” shoot for The Times at Woburn Golf Club with Ian Poulter who was launching the Autumn/Winter collection of his leisureware range. These events are typical of quite a lot of work I do for the paper. You usually go along with a journalist and get an hour

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Top 10 Tips for Headshots

Top 10 Tips for Headshots 1. Learn how to fold your arms. Practise by extending your arms in front of you, taking your right hand and tucking it under your left armpit, taking your left arm under your right arm and placing it on your right bicep. Don’t clutch your elbow or your forearm. It

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Photography for your business

Photography for your business – What is the best way to utilise? Your brand values are reflected in everything from the words you use to the design of your marketing materials and the way your staff answer the phone.  A mismatch between any of these elements will weaken your business image. Don’t forget that it

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Welcome – The Headshot Guy

Welcome to my blog where I’ll be giving you my top tips, advice and my ideas on business, pr and corporate photography. I’ll also be writing articles about specific shoots and how I approach photographing some of the worlds top sports stars. Looking forward to all your comments and answering any questions you may have.

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