Be Curious

This week’s Mental Sunshine is all about curiosity.

Yes, I know it allegedly killed the cat… but actually, curiosity is something that can really improve our mood and make our day more interesting and rewarding.

When we are children, we’re naturally curious about the world around us.

We inspect and experiment with every new thing that comes our way.

But as we get older, we lose that curiosity and might even begin to approach new things with caution and wariness.

When we are curious, life is never boring.

There’s always something new to find out.

If you take the time to stop, look and think about things there’s always something to explore.

Cultivating curiosity can also help us to become more empathetic

We learn more about the people around us and why they say and do the things they do.

Empathy can help us to build more meaningful and deeper connections with the people in our lives.

As well as this, when we are curious we’re usually in the moment.

We’re not thinking about last week or next month;

We’re in the here and now, wondering about something and engaging with what’s going on right in front of us.

Be curious and take a closer look at things…

The next time you come across someone who has a differing view to you, instead of instantly thinking they’re wrong, why not take the time to get curious?

Try and understand what’s led them to this view.

You might just learn something – and maybe even build some bridges!