Ask for Help

Welcome to another dose of mental sunshine!

This week’s tip might sound a bit odd, but bear with me.

This week my suggestion to you is to ask for help.

Yes, I know that doesn’t sound like a recipe for happiness – but asking someone for help can make you (and the person your asking) feel pretty good.

How often do we struggle along with something, not asking for help and perhaps even refusing offers of help from those around us?

Pretty often, I’d guess (it’s not just me, is it?)

The thing is, people like to help each other.

When someone offers to help you, it is because they want to help you.

The last time you helped someone out, I bet you felt pretty good, didn’t you?

So why would you assume your friend or coworker wouldn’t get that same

beneficial feeling from helping you?

Studies have actually shown that when someone helps us, they actually feel more positively towards us.

So by saying “yes please” when someone offers us a hand, it can make us feel better too.

And who doesn’t want that!

When you accept help from a friend (or even a stranger) it can help you to build a connection with them.

A person you barely knew can become more of a friend; friendships can grow stronger.



It felt like this little beauty was asking me for some help with food while I was out walking recently …

Why not give it a go?

Ask a friend for help.

Accept help when it’s offered.

And as always, do let me know how you get on and how it makes YOU feel..