Are You Happy Today?



Are you happy today?

I love greeting people this way.

It’s so much nicer and more positive than asking someone “How are you?”

More original too.

It really makes people stop and think about their answer.

– instead of the habitual “I’m OK – how are you?” response.

And is a fun thing to do too.

I especially like asking this to people that serve me. Like those that work at the coffee shop, supermarket checkout or wait tables for you at the restaurant.

And to make this even more personalised and meaningful, I look at their name badge whilst in the queue and address them with their name when greeting.

So many people show little or no respect to those that serve us.

They take them for granted and some can be quite rude when dealing with people that are simply doing their job.

It costs nothing to do this. To notice them and call them by their name and greeting by asking a different question.

However. the value it gives can be priceless and really make a difference to someone’s day

Seeing this beautiful weir near Bath made me happy this week (and I’ll be even happier the next time when I go swimming here…)

So join me in spreading a little joy, kindness and happiness by asking a stranger

Are you happy today…?.

I would love to hear what reactions you get when asking this…