Why Your About Us Page Matters To Me…

Is your about us page helping drive traffic away from your website?

Forget b2b or b2c and think p2p, people to people. In any industry where the people behind the company are as important as the company itself, your about us page can be a deciding factor as to whether potential clients contact you or not.

Yet most companies fall short when it comes to investing in their key assets and almost treat this page as an afterthought, often ending up with mugshots or have a dull page of text and show no photos at all.

Your about us page can have a big impact on your business and the way clients perceive you. Statistics have proved that this is the 2nd most viewed page on your website. So the words and images you use to illustrate your people are as vital as your sales & marketing copy and your SEO.

Having a great about us page not only adds a personal touch to the company it also lends trust to visitors. These pages should be personable and show your people in a confident and approachable manner. You can also afford to add a little humour by using something a little more quirky. The Lateral about us page below is a brilliant example…


Lateral Team
I love this about us page, you can have lots of fun hovering your mouse around the page and watching the heads follow you…

Here’s another example where everyone in photographed in the same chair,


And if you visit during the evening (of first think in the morning UK time), they are all asleep on the chair…Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 09.34.22


Make your about us page a talking point with your clients and customers, encouraging them to share and which will help drive more traffic to your website.

And if you’re not sure have a look at your competitors about us pages and see how much more professional and approachable they look – you can be sure they and your potential clients are doing this right now too…

Top tips for your company about us page

  1. Think about the visual messages you want your about us page to communicate about your company
  2. Ensure your profile headshots are professional, consistent and congruent with your brand.
  3. Make you about us page a main feature of your company website. Design it with the same care and attention as your home page.
  4. Use rollovers to add animation, and perhaps use a surprise shot underneath.
  5. Share interests and information to personalise your teams profiles
  6. Add contact details and social media links (LinkedIn & Twitter)
  7. Don’t rely on over used stock images (which may also be on your competitors website…)

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