Do you know how much your smile brightens the room ?

Ok, I know we may have not seen you or your smile for a while, nevertheless doesn’t it feel good to receive a compliment?

Giving and receiving compliments is such a simple wellness tip. And the most important part of receiving is often overlooked.

Not only will it add a little sparkle to their day, it will also make your day a little brighter.

When you compliment someone and see their face light up, it feels really good.

And when done properly it’s because you are present and have noticed something special that deserves a kind gesture.

To know that this person is perhaps feeling more positive and upbeat because of something you said – that can feel much better than being on the receiving end.

My challenge to you this week is to give someone a genuine compliment.

You get double points if your compliment focuses on their actions or personality rather than their appearance.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:
• I love how you are so kind to everyone
• You are really good at making other people feel heard
• I always feel your positive energy
• You have inspired me to…

For added effect, use the person’s name and really pay attention to them and how they react.

Look them in the eye and be genuine and authentic when you compliment them.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

Say thank you and be present…

Of course, the other side of this is learning how to accept a compliment.

How often has someone complimented you on something you’re wearing and you’ve replied with What, this old thing?

Or you get a compliment on some work you’ve done and you reply with It was nothing…

We often play down these things but it can feel very different just to allow yourself to accept a compliment.

Try not to make a reciprocal compliment in return as will negate the feeling that was meant as a result of the original compliment.

Just say “Thank you” and be present.

Don’t add anything else.

And notice how it feels after you say thank you

No qualifying statements with how your action was no big deal, or your shirt or dress was only ten pounds.

Now make this a habit every time someone pays you a compliment.

I would love to hear your thoughts on paying and receiving compliments.

And if you would like to pass on this message of mental sunshine to a friend please click here.

Next week is all about the simplest form of well-being exercise.