5 ways to get your boss Linkedin savvy!


LinkedIn is the social media powerhouse of the business world. It is the go-to platform for your business to gain exposure and with its enormous reach, it is the place you need to be sharing interesting content, highlighting your events or products, engaging followers and cementing your place as experts in your industry. Company credibility can be made here as quickly as it can be shattered.

Here are 5 things your boss should know and if they don’t – here’s 5 ways to impress them.

  1. Links – Employee LinkedIn profiles should be linked to the company’s LinkedIn profile and vice versa. Why? Exposure, exposure, exposure. The more links you have between a variety of profiles the greater the opportunity is for people to find the business. Before you insert the links make sure your boss checks all employee Linked In Profiles to make sure they’re professional!
  2. Employee Personal Profiles – Each employee Linked In profile should be descriptive, impactful and engaging. You shouldn’t just have your job title and the company you work for (although this is vital too), talk about your strengths, passions, ambitions and goals. This entices the reader and really adds a meaningful human connection, which is a big player in engagement.
  3. Professional Headshot – Each profile should have a Professional Headshot as putting a face to a name dramatically increases recognition and interaction. Wear what you would wear to work and make sure you radiate a professional image! This doesn’t mean you can’t have a big smile on your face! Company Headshots are perfect for this as it means all employees radiate the same branding.
  4. Settings – Increase your visibility! Customize what parts of your profile people can see before they are connected to you. Remember, more visibility = more likely to be found in relevant searches. To change your settings to allow greater visibility select the drop down button in the top right of your profile page – go to settings and click on the Profile tab to display privacy settings and tailor them to your liking!
  5. Share – Make sure employees are sharing company content on LinkedIn. The more channels you have broadcasting your content the more visibility you will receive. This may sound like a difficult task to engage employees but there are plenty of ways to encourage social sharing. For example, highlight how the increase in exposure can reach potential customers, driving more leads and sales and potentially resulting in higher profits or bonuses! If you don’t have a current incentive for employees – make one!

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