5 things that guarantee your promotion


We’ve all got to start somewhere and it can be hard work working from the bottom up but it’s got to be done. Just think, one day you could be the one at the top of the tower block planning your next big business move while your business orchestrates itself like a finely tuned machine. It doesn’t happen overnight though, you’ve got to work at it and you have to work hard. There are simple tricks that you can do though to speed up the process and take the load off your shoulders.

So you’ve landed that job you’ve been after for a while now and you’ve been working your socks off. You know you’re ready for more responsibility (and more pay) but does your boss think the same? Here’s 5 ways to prove to your boss that you’re ready for that big promotion.

  1. Forward thinking, come with ideas – Don’t just manage your standard work routine, get it done and go home. Demonstrate to your boss that you care about the business, be innovative, be creative, propose fresh ideas and can keep the business at the forefront above its competitors. It shows that you don’t just care about your paycheck but you also care about the business (which is a very good thing to share with your boss). This is what gets you recognized.
  2. Make your manager’s life easier –Your boss knows what’s best for the business and they need time to make big decisions to lead the whole company in the direction it needs to go. Do things without being asked, think one step ahead, give your boss more free time to focus on other areas that need improving because they know full well you are capable of working independently. Make your boss’s job easier and allow them to develop trust in you.
  3. Work well with colleagues – Do you know a person who is clearly fantastic at doing their job but they have never been promoted because they just don’t get on well with other people? Ultimately, more responsibility normally means managing others and their workload. No matter how good you are at your job, colleagues need to trust you and care about helping you for the benefit of the business. If your peers trust and respect you then you’re one step closer to that promotion.
  4. Look the part – It’s unlikely you’re going to get a promotion when you can’t even remember to iron your shirt. The way to make your bosses decision even easier when deciding to give you a promotion is to look the part. Look as if you can already visualize yourself in that role. Slick and professional. Not only in the physical realm, but online too. Use a professional headshot. Do your social media checks. It makes it a lot easier for other people to consider you when you’ve considered yourself first.
  5. Make them aware you want a promotion – After all, you can work as hard as you like, your boss may be a great manager but they aren’t always mind readers and how are they supposed to know if you don’t tell them? It’s never an easy decision for managers to dish out more money but if you’re demonstrating you’re worth it by following the tips above, you’ll make their decision a whole lot easier.

Look the part online and tick off one of the steps for your promotion. Book your professional headshot with The Headshot Guy at your local studio. Or find out more about why you need a professional headshot here.