Do you fear the camera?

Worries and Concerns...
Have you any worries and concerns about being photographed?

“But I hate having my photo being taken…”

“What about my double chin and crooked teeth?”

“I hate my smile and I always blink…?

“I’m your worst model…”

“I’m the least photogenic person you’ve ever had to photograph…”

You are not alone if you have any worries or concerns about having your photo taken.We must have heard every excuse many times over and know exactly how you feel. Lots of clients feel this way going on their past experiences and often come into the studio feeling nervous and apprehensive about having their photo taken. We differ from other photographers as we’ve developed a process of coaching, direction and a way of engaging with you to help you become confident and comfortable, both in front of the camera and when looking at your close-ups.

The problem is there’s a gap between what we think we look like and how the rest of the world see us. Most people only see their perceived flaws when they look at themselves, even the top supermodels hate things about their appearance. But what we do is to teach you to see past these perceived flaws and look at yourself as others do.  Our images are created with lighting, expression and pose. The only airbrushing we do is to tidy up loose hairs non-permanent blemishes, or that random spot which has suddenly decided to appear on the day of your shoot…

We are more than happy to have a chat with you about any worries or concerns you may have when it comes to having your photo taken. Or pick up the phone and call us on 0203 0110 384.