Why Use A Headshot For Your Press Release?

New appointment press releases are becoming increasingly common and it’s another fantastic opportunity for you to put your headshot to good use. If an announcement is being made regarding you and your career of course you want people to see you in the right light yet people overlook the need to add an image to the press release.

Here are five reasons why I would recommend adding a headshot to your new appointment press release:

1. Personality.

We’ve all heard that a picture speaks a thousand words and with the right image your personality will come shining through and add character to an otherwise two dimensional character that people are reading about. The Headshot Guy

2. Trust.

Seeing an image of someone tends to build a certain level of trust. Think about it, how often do you connect to someone on LinkedIn with no image? Being able to see that person even in a relatively small profile picture adds an amount of credibility to the users persona and it’s exactly the same in an article.

3. Recognition.

The way that business is done is rapidly changing and more focus is being placed on the P2P (people to people) aspect of this. Post an image with your new appointment press release and you never know who may recognise you or reach out and connect with you. It will also aid people in trying to find you on social media platforms should they wish to do so.

4. Professionalism.

Adding a professional headshot to the article being published will add a level of respectability to the press release, it will convey that you take your career seriously and demonstrate professionalism.

5. Your brand.

When you are your brand, image is important but in all industries you want to be portrayed in the right manner. By adding a headshot to any articles relating to you, your business and/or your career you will convey an air of professionalism, that you take your work seriously and that you are willing to invest in your career.

Any questions about headshots or the different ways that you can use them? Please get in touch to see how I can help.